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Solar Array


Dirty solar panels means less energy so it is important to keep them clean and working at full capacity. Using professional water fed pole systems from industry leading companies such as Gardiner Pole Systems and Ionic Systems, MLS Cleaning Services will thoroughly clean your solar panels and restore them to full capacity in a safe and efficient manner.

Everything from airborne dust and particles to leaves and bird faeces build up on solar panels over time. Without regular cleaning, the energy loss due to dirty panels can be as high as 30%. Energy loss means money loss because your panels aren’t operating at their full capacity. Request a free quotation today and maximise your energy production.

MLS Cleaning Services is well-versed in handling commercial customers big and small. Happy customers include large companies such as Vickery Holman Property Consultants, Stratton Creber Commercial, Moorview Property and HSL Chairs, as well as smaller businesses and sole traders including the popular Jacka Bakery, The Mountbatten Hotel, SOS Quick Cash locations and Chris & Robs Barbers & Hair Salon. MLS Cleaning Services is fully covered by its own Public Liability Insurance policy.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
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